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bomber and jeans uniform any day

09. 04. 2016 bomber and jeans uniform any day

My fascination with bombers started many years ago when first exposing myself to Americana. Till this day, I appreciate this coveted jacket and its interesting history. Created for military pilots in World War II, bomber jackets went through several phases of fashion evolution. After its military phase, bombers spread to a civilian audience in the early 1950’s due to their warming qualities and practicality. A decade later starting in the 60’s, they were gaining popularity especially with punks, skinheads, and other countercultures all over Europe, Australia, Japan, and the US. 

The film has played an important role in spreading the trend of fighter-bombers and their Hollywood phase in the 80’s-90’s was mainly famed by Steve McQueen, Harrison Ford, and Tom Cruise. 

I stop right here as I am no fashion historian, but bombers nowadays are going through a major resurgence again. They’re versatile, unique and carry an edge without seeming out of place. No wonder that over the years they secured their position as a cool classic and since not long they’ve been seen all over the world as a street-style must-have piece.

My bomber collection started with a few aviator styles scored in New York vintage stores. I pride in having several bomber pieces including a few with oriental embroidery, classic MA-1 style by Schott NYC, Top Gun imitation with fur collar, and an elegant red satin by Tommy Hilfiger.

The bomber trend isn’t going anywhere, at least not for me. I totally love this Topshop colorful reversible piece and have been wearing it all spring. Martina is a bomber virgin and got her first pretty floral choice in Zara

Bombers are an easy way to add an edge to your outfit. Are you in or not?

Partly inspired by A Brief History of the Bomber Jacket

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